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RODS EP200 Soluble Cutting Oil is a mineral oil containing biostable coolant. It is designed to exhibit high lubricity making it particularly suitable for difficult to machine metals or for working on those metals which tend to promote sticky deposits. It forms a clear blue, long lasting emulsion which provides excellent corrosion resistance to both tool and workpiece. This coolant is suitable for hard water areas (up to 350 ppm).


EP200 is an odourless blue concentrate which mixes easily with water in all proportions.


EP200 is suitable for all ferrous metals and most non-ferrous including copper based and aluminium. It is very well suited to cutting cast iron both from a lubricity view point and resistance to break down caused by the filtering action of the fine swarf.


Recommended dilutions;

- Milling and threading 5:1 (refractometer reading = 5.5)

- Sawing and general machining 10:1 (refractometer reading = 3)

- Grinding and light machining 15:1 (refractometer reading = 2)

Suggested dilutions;

Aluminium, stainless steel, and Copper alloys = 8:1 to 12:1

Cast iron and mild steel = 15:1 to 20:1

Health and Safety

RODS EP200 is phenol, nitrite and chlorine free.

See separate CHIP sheet.

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