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General Qualities & Characteristics

RODS EP58 is a high oil content, water miscible metalworking fluid. It forms a highly stable milky emulsion which is capable of extended service life even in the most demanding environments.

Typical Applications

Turning, milling, drilling, threading, sawing.

Material Compatibility

Suitable for machining a wide variety of materials including mild steels, stainless steels and other difficult to machine materials.

Water Compatibility

Suitable for use in a wide variety of water types. Is low foaming in soft water and low scumming in hard.


Milling and threading 6 - 8%

General machining 5%

Product Mixing

The use of automated mixing systems is recommended. If the fluid is to be mixed manually, always add the concentrate to the water with maximum agitation.

The emulsion strength should always be checked using a calibrated refractometer.

Typical Properties

Appearance Brownfluid

Specific Gravity @ 20C 0.96

pH @ 5% 9.5

IP 287 Corrosion Test Pass at 5%

Defoam ml (5% in 50ppm water) Nil (30 secs)

Refractometer Factor 1.0

Health & Safety

This product is free from added triazine, sulphur, sodium nitrite and phenols.

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