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General Qualities & Characteristics

RODS CPO Soluble Cutting Oil is a general purpose water emulsifiable coolant which is free of chlorine, nitrites, phenols and cresols. It is therefore extremely pleasant and safe for the operator to use. A very stable milky white emulsion is formed from adding the concentrate to water and stirring. The product is designed to give long sump life and is well protected against bacterial attack.

Typical Applications

RODS CPO Soluble Cutting Oil is designed for use in general machining operations where a water based product is acceptable. It is suitable for free cutting ferrous metals, brass, copper and aluminium.


RODS CPO Soluble Cutting Oil is recommended for use between 10:1 and 20:1 dilution in water at which it demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance.

Typical Properties

Appearance Clear brown liquid

Odour Bland

SG @ 15.6oC 0.920

pH @ 5% 9.3

IP287 Rust Test Pass @ 5%

Health & Safety

Not classified as hazardous. See Material Safety Data Sheet for full details.

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