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  ABF 294A Soluble Cutting Oil


RODS ABF 294A SolubleCutting Oil is a state of the art, long service life metalworking coolantdeveloped to meet the highest standards in operator and environmentalacceptability.

ABF 294 is free fromall amines, not just secondary amines as with many products on the market, andtherefore completely eliminates the possibility of carcinogenic nitrosamineformation. In addition ABF 294 is also boron free thereby avoiding the impactof potential legislation regarding its use. The absence of boron also greatlyreduces any tendency towards sticky deposit formation as well as making this asuitable coolant for use where the quality of the swarf is of high importance.

Despite the lack ofboron, ABF 294 is still an exceptionally robust, long life product as a resultof its unique bio-resistant formulation coupled with its ability to producehighly stable, finely dispersed emulsions.

ABF 294 is designed tooperate at a lower pH than conventional coolants. As even a small reduction inpH can greatly improve skin tolerance, ABF 294 is remarkably kind to operators’skin.

ABF 294 alsoprovides excellent cutting performance and is suitable for use with a widevariety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials on operations such as drilling,milling and sawing.

Physical Characteristics

Concentrate Appearance Brown liquid

Odour Pleasant/Sweet

Emulsion Type Fine milky fluid

pH 8.6@ 5%

SG @ 20oC 0.95


TypicalRecommended Dilution: 6%

MaximumRecommended Dilution: 10%

Health and Safety

Seeseparate CHIP sheet.

Hazardmarkings not required.

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