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  Punch Oil TH150

General Qualities & Characteristics

Punch Oil TH150 is a very low viscosity fortified oil designed to be used neat. It contains high lubricity additives which are designed to improve surface finish particularly when working with luggy materials.

Typical Applications

Low to moderate severity operations such as punching and piercing.

Material Compatibility

All types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Features & Benefits

Ø Contains synergistic blend of high quality EP additives

Ø Excellent surface finish

Ø Low foam, low mist

Ø Very economical in-use

Ø Provides extended tool life

Ø Low odour, operator friendly

Typical Properties

Appearance Clear colourless liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20oC 0.830

Viscosity @ 40oC 4.5 cSt

Flash Point > 130oC

Pour Point < -9oC

Usage Concentration As supplied

Health & Safety

See separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

Properties mentioned above are typical only and minor variations, which do not affect the product performances are to be expected in normal manufacturing. Advice and opinion noted herein are given in good faith and on the basis of the best information available and must not be construed as a guarantee of performance. No legal liability is accepted by RODS UK Limited.

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