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  RODS No 4LM Tapping Fluid

General Information

RODS No 4LM Tapping Fluid has been designed to provide a high performance yet moderately priced tapping oil suitable for a wide variety of metals. Its principal application is for medium tensile ferrous metals. It has been formulated to include an additive making it easily washable in alkaline degreasing systems.

Physical Characteristics

Appearance Pale yellow, transparent liquid

Specific Gravity 0.94 - 0.97 @ 15.6°C

Viscosity 20 - 28 cSt @ 40°C

Application Pump, spray or squeezy bottle

Health & Safety

See separate CHIP sheet.

Hazard markings not required

was £100.00

Now £80.00
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RODS No 4LM Tapping Fluid Health & Safety