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  RODS No 3L Tapping Fluid

RODS No 3L Tapping Fluid is a heavily fortified mineral oil based product with very low viscosity designed to give maximum penetration and high volume flow. This feature assists swarf removal and blind hole tapping.

Composition Chlorinated hydrocarbons, edible quality fats and mineral oil.

Specific Gravity 0.97 - 0.99 @ 15.6°C.

Viscosity 15 - 18 cSt @ 40°C.

Application Pump, spray or squeezy bottle.

Health & Safety See separate CHIP sheet.

Hazard markings not required.

Warning No 3L Tapping Fluid has a high chlorinated hydrocarbon content and this can act as a plasticiser of some rubber and associated products.

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RODS No 3L Tapping Fluid Health & Safety