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  RODS No. 1Z Tapping Fluid

RODS No. 1Z Tapping Fluid is an extremely high performance multi-purpose tapping fluid. It is free of mineral oil and gains its lubricity from edible quality vegetable products. It is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is specifically designed to reduce airborne mists.

Appearance Pale yellow transparent liquid

SG @ 15.6oC 1.03 - 1.05

Viscosity @ 40oC 36 - 44 cSt

Application Pump, spray or squeezy bottle

Health & Safety Hazard markings not required

WARNING No. 1Z Tapping Fluid has a high chlorinated hydrocarbon content and this can act as a plasticiser of some rubber and associated products. For automatic application, No. 1Z Tapping Fluid (Automatic) has been designed to avoid this plasticising effect.

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