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  RODS No 1 Tapping Fluid 'S'

RODS No 1 Tapping Fluid 'S' is an extremely high performance multi-purpose tapping fluid. It is free of mineral oil and gains its lubricity from edible quality vegetable products. It is designed for ferrous metals. An active sulphur content may cause staining of yellow metals.

Appearance Pale yellow transparent liquid

Specific Gravity 1.03 - 1.05 @ 15.6°C

Viscosity 28 - 36 cSt @ 40°C

Application Pump, spray or squeezy bottle

Health & Safety See separate CHIP sheet.

Hazard marking not required.


This tapping fluid may be modified to suit systems where generation of oil mist is unacceptably high.

In these conditions ask for No 1 Tapping Fluid 'S' Automatic Z.
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RODS No 1 Tapping Fluid 'S' Health & Safety