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  TH 110G


RODS TH110G Lapping Oil is a high performance lapping oil based on neat oil and not designed to be diluted with water.  In appearance it is pale coloured and very low viscosity allowing excellent penetration and swarf removal.  Its dominant feature is outstanding lubricity provided by a specially formulated package of fatty material.  Unlike many competitors’ products this package has a very high viscosity index which allows TH 110G to retain its low viscosity characteristics even at high surface temperatures.  It is designed to allow an excellent surface finish

Physical Characteristics

SG @ 15.6°C0.845
Viscosity @ 40°C3 -5 cSt
Flash Point120°C

Health and Safety

Whilst designed for use on ferrous metal, it does not contain sulphur and so may be safely used on non-ferrous metals also.

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet.
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