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  Syn 660 Red

RODS SYN 660 Red Soluble Cutting Oil is an unusual soluble cutting oil. It incorporates only a tiny percentage of mineral oil (not enough to affect transparency when diluted with water) and so is high on the list of very pleasant and safe products to use, yet it retains all the characteristics of a highly loaded mineral oil.

Physical Appearance

SYN 660 Red is an odourless concentrate which mixes quickly and easily with water to form a transparent red coolant allowing a clear view of the workpiece.


SYN 660 Red has excellent anti-corrosion properties and because of this feature it can be used at high dilutions. This has allowed many users to achieve great economy but some caution is urged as synthetics are much more searching than conventional emulsions and are not always suitable at very high dilutions in older machines. Each user is advised to assess the most efficient dilution for his own application balancing sump life, tool life and economy - 20:1 is suggested as a popular start point.

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet.

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