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  Rods Supercool HD100 Soluble cutting fluid

Rods Supercool HD100 Soluble Cutting Fluid - General details

A high quality, chlorine free, semi synthetic water-mix cutting fluid which provides the user with a robust, long sump-life product that is compatible with a wide variety of materials from high alloy steels to cast iron. It is highly tolerant of microbial contamination and rejects tramp oil very effectively.

SUPERCOOL HD100 has an optimised level of oil which, in addition to high lubricity additives, promotes a high quality surface finish and extended tool life.

It is suitable for use in a wide variety of water qualities. SUPERCOOL HD100 is low foaming and forms an exceptionally stable micro emulsion.

In addition to its role as a water-mix cutting fluid, can also be used as a multi-purpose grinding fluid where its long sump life and enhanced cooling properties are particularly useful.

All Rods soluble cutting oils are available in 5L, 25L, Barrel and IBC

Features & Benefits

Extended sump life

Low Foaming

Highly stable emulsion

Enhanced tool-life
Multi-metal comaptible
High level of corrosion protection

Physical Characteristics

Appearance                            Yellow-amber liquid

Emulsion Type                        Translucent

SG@ 20C                             0.98

pH                                           8.9to 9.3 @ 5%

Break Point (IP 287)               40:1

Dilutions                                 For general machining     30:1

                                              For difficult operations    10:1           

Refractometer Factor               1.31

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