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  Supercool EP

Supercool EP is an extreme pressure, biostable semi synthetic coolant containing ingredients carefully selected for their low order of toxicity and designed to form a high performance coolant when diluted with water.

Long Sump Life

A very long sump life is ensured by making use of biostatic raw materials where possible and combining the remainder with appropriate bacteriacides and fungicides. It offers therefore great resistance to bacterial break-down.


Outstanding lubricity is achieved from these raw materials which are enhanced by a larger quantity of mineral oil than is usually found in this type of product. This ensures maximum protection for the machine tool and avoidance of sticky deposits.


Supercool EP has been designed for arduous operations on difficult metals or in adverse machining conditions. In order to take advantage of the specialist chemicals incorporated in it and in order to achieve excellent tool life and finish it is wrong to over-dilute it. It is suggested that it should be used at about 10:1 dilution to gain the best balance between lubricity, cooling and long tool life although in some circumstances a weaker mix is appropriate. It should not be diluted beyond 35:1.

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet

Supercool EP has been formulated with the operator in mind. It is therefore nitrite and phenol free.

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