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RODS LF34 Soluble Cutting Oil is a heavy duty but chlorine free biostable soluble cutting oil designed to provide a very high performance coolant for machining metals, ranging from stainless and high alloy steels, to low carbon steels and non ferrous materials including aluminium and brass. In addition, LF34 is designed to totally reject the tramp oils, which degrade most conventional soluble oils. It is suitable for most waters and its low foaming characteristics are desirable in high-pressure bed wash systems in the latest CNC machines.

Physical Characteristics

Appearance Clear yellow liquid

Emulsion Type Semi translucent

SG @ 20°C 0.94 - 0.95

pH 8.9 @ 5%

Break Point (IP 287) 50:1

Dilutions For general machining 30:1

For difficult operations 10:1

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet

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