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  HD44 Soluble Cutting Oil

RODS HD 44 Soluble Cutting fluid - General Information

RODS HD44 Soluble Cutting Oil is a heavy duty but chlorine free, biostable soluble cutting oil designed to provide high performance for machining metals, ranging from stainless and high alloy steels, to low carbon steels, brass and aluminum.

HD44 derives its performance from a synergistic blend of high lubricity additives that help to provide the user with a coolant capable of meeting demanding requirements in terms of surface finish and tool life.

In addition, HD44 is designed to totally reject the tramp oils, which degrade most conventional soluble oils. HD44produces a highly stable, semi-translucent emulsion which provides a very clean working environment and which also tolerates hard waters and is low foaming in soft waters. The emulsion will resist degradation by microbial contamination for long periods and because of its excellent anti-corrosion properties HD44 can be used over a wide dilution range.

Field trials of HD44 have shown that it is not aggressive to operators skin and is a safe and pleasant coolant to work with.

All Rods Soluble cutting oils are available in 5L, 25L, Barrel and IBC

Physical Characteristics

Appearance Clear yellow liquid

Emulsion Type Semi translucent

SG@ 20C  0.94 -0.95

pH 9.0 @5%

Break Point (IP 287) 50:1

Dilutions For general machining 30:1

For difficult operations 10:1

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet

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HD44 Soluble cutting fluid