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  EP620S Blue


RODS EP620S BLUE Soluble Cutting Oil is one of RODS 'Safety' series of water emulsifiable oils. It has been specially formulated for use in arduous machining operations. It is heavily loaded with EP additives in a carefully balanced package to ensure that good cooling and penetration are combined with excellent boundary lubrication over a wide temperature range, even with the most 'difficult' metals.


Although primarily designed for severe operations such as broaching, hobbing or gun drilling, EP620S BLUE may be tailored by diluting for general machine shop applications. It is thus a maid-of-all-work. Recommended dilutions are 5:1 for tough jobs, 20:1 for general machining.


EP620S BLUE is formulated on an odourless, non-phenolic emulsifier. It is therefore safe and pleasant for operators to use.

Emulsion Type

Long lasting, fine, stable emulsion of blue appearance.

Bacterial Inhibition

Fully inhibited against bacterial degradation.

Rust Protection

Contains long lasting corrosion inhibitors making it suitable for both automatic and tool room machines.

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet.

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