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RODS EP 620 is a water emulsifiable coolant containing both heavy duty and EP additives to give it multi-phase cutting and lubricating action. This ensures that longer tool life and higher cutting speeds are obtained with even the most 'difficult' metals whilst at the same time a finer finish is obtained than with other coolants.


EP 620 has been designed principally for arduous operations such as broaching, hobbing and gun drilling or for those operations made arduous by hard metals including high alloy steels. For these operations it may be diluted down to 5:1. However it may also be used for general purpose machining on free cutting metals where greater economy can be made by diluting it down to 30:1.


It is free from cresylic acid but low odour phenols are incorporated to control anaerobic bacteria which are the cause of the troublesome 'Monday morning smell' particularly prevalent in hot weather.

Emulsion Type

Long lasting, fine stable emulsion of milky white appearance.

Rust Protection

Contains long lasting corrosion inhibitors making it suitable for both automatic and tool room machines at up to 30:1. It can also be used at 10:1 dilution as a rust preventive.

Associated Products

RODS EP 620G is a similar product containing a floral reodourant.

Health and Safety

See separate CHIP sheet.

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